Congratulations! You've been marked eligible to lease on to CloudTrucks. As a next step, we need to make sure that your business entity is set up correctly with us. Below you'll find a few tips we've picked up along the way to make this step as smooth as possible:

Entities supported:
Currently we support LLC, INC, and Sole Proprietorships. If you fall under another entity, please reach out to your CloudTrucks recruiter for more information.

Team name on CloudTrucks:
Please make sure your team name on CloudTrucks matches your business entity name. If you are a sole proprietor, your team name on CloudTrucks should be your full legal name.

Filling out the W9 as a Sole Prop:

If you are a sole proprietor working under your own name, please fill out the portion correctly on the W9 form.

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