We have recently seen an increase in individual Vehicle Maintenance violations, which have negatively impacted our broader community’s FMCSA scores and put us over the risk threshold.

We are finding some maintenance providers are failing to catch issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner. Consequently, we have tightened our policies around vehicle maintenance to keep drivers safe, ensure the health of the vehicles in our fleet, and improve our Vehicle Maintenance safety scores.

Effective immediately, we are only accepting vehicle inspections from the following certified providers:

  • Love’s

  • TA (TravelCenters of America)

  • Pilot Flying J

  • A certified manufacturer repair facility or dealership (e.g., Volvo Dealership or Volvo Repair Facility)

Failure to comply with this policy and to share the needed documentation with us will result in a booking suspension until we receive a passing inspection that meets our guidelines.

As a reminder you are required to complete your daily DVIR and submit DOT level inspection reports to us once every 3 months for your truck and every 6 months for your trailer.

Power only trailers must be thoroughly inspected prior to leaving any shipper. All defects should be noted and acknowledged by the shipper on your Bill of Lading. Remember you are responsible for any repairs that are required in route, if not properly documented on the BOL at pick-up. Never accept a power only shipment that is loaded on a trailer with OOS maintenance items.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in keeping our community safe and profitable. Please reach out to our safety team if you have any questions.

-VP of Safety Paul Schlegel and CEO Tobenna Arodiogbu

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