CloudTrucks is firmly committed to providing safe and DOT compliant drivers to our brokers and direct customers. Recently, we have seen a spike in our HOS violations, which have negatively impacted our FMCSA scores. If every driver in our community does not maintain or quickly improve their HOS compliance, we will face material challenges that will limit our growth potential, access to shipper freight, and access to broker freight.

When we meaningfully improve our HOS compliance, we will increase the volume of shippers and brokers willing to work with us. Consequently, improving our HOS compliance will translate to more freight and additional earning opportunities for our drivers. As such, we have implemented the following changes to our HOS policy in accordance with the DOT’s HOS regulations, effective immediately:

  • We are now following a tiered infraction system for 11, 14, and 70 hour violations.

    • First time a HOS breach takes place. a 24 hour booking block will be imposed

    • Second time a HOS breach takes place, a 48 hour booking block will be imposed

    • Third time a HOS Breach takes place, a 72 hour booking block will be imposed and CloudTrucks will review the driver’s status. Please note a third violation could result in termination from CloudTrucks.

  • The timing of booking blocks will be implemented at CloudTrucks’ discretion, balancing the continuity of already-booked loads and driver safety.

  • There are no excuses for Falsification Violations and they will not be tolerated. If a driver receives an HOS Falsification Violation from a DOT officer in an official inspection, the driver will receive a 24 hour booking block at minimum and may be terminated at CloudTrucks’ discretion.

Thank you for your time and understanding. Safety needs to be everyone’s priority.

Reminder: in order to qualify to haul direct shipper freight for CloudTrucks, you must be in good safety standing. HOS violations may prevent you from accessing higher paying direct shipper freight.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

-VP of Safety Paul Schlegel and CEO Tobenna Arodiogbu

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