As of November 18, 2022, CloudTrucks is no longer charging 15% for driver accessorial fees (specifically Detention, Layover, and TONU) for Virtual Carrier owner-operators. Although we are no longer charging accessorial fees, we will still help you get your accessorials from brokers.

This policy will be applied to all future loads where accessorials are owed starting November 18, 2022, and will not apply to any load prior to November 18, 2022.

Please note that this is currently a very manual process that we will be gradually improving over time. We will do our part to get your accessorials paid, but we also encourage you to work directly with the broker to get yourself paid. Nobody is a better advocate for your bottom line than you!

Note: Flex and Cash will maintain their respective accessorial fees.

We recommend these best practices to increase your chances of getting paid for accessorials:

  • Each broker can have different rates for different accessorials. Some brokers may only pay $20/hour for detention, while others pay $60/hour - this is not negotiable. If you want to know a broker’s rates, ask them at the time of booking. You can always ask the Operations team to check the carrier packet, but the majority of the time, accessorial rates aren’t listed in the carrier packet.

  • Detention is typically $40/hour and typically maxes out around 4-5 hours

  • TONU is typically $150

  • Layover is typically $150/night

  • You typically can not stack accessorials

    • ie. if you receive TONU then you can’t receive detention or layover.


  • You must get in and out times written on the BOL/POD. You will not get paid detention without this.

  • Communicate to the broker when you are entering detention (i.e. when you’ve already been at a facility for 90 minutes after the appt started)

  • If you do not show up on time for your appointment, you are very unlikely to get paid detention, no matter how long they make you wait.

  • Submit your detention request as soon as possible after the detention has concluded (i.e. after leaving the pickup or delivery facility)


  • Do not leave a facility without consent and confirmation from the broker. If you do, you may sacrifice your right to a TONU.

  • Make sure that you meet all requirements on the rate-con.

    • i.e. auto-tracking enabled, a trailer 10 years old or newer, etc

    • Failing to meet rate-con requirements can disqualify you from TONU

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