Welcome to CloudTrucks Virtual Carrier video library! Access this library any time you would like to learn more about how Virtual Carrier allows drivers to be their own boss and access all the tools they need to build a successful trucking business, on their terms.

Each short video dives into a product feature or tool that CloudTrucks created specifically for trucking entrepreneurs to be able to run successful and profitable businesses.

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CT App: The Basics



Load Board Search (1 min 27 sec)

Learn how to navigate CT's load board to find the loads that are right for you

Booking Loads (2 min 50 sec)

Learn how to book loads directly from the CT load board

Ordering a CT Cash Card (3 min 25 sec)

Learn how to complete a payment profile and request a CT Cash Card

Completing a Job (2 min 13 sec)

Learn how to upload a Bill of Lading to complete a job and get paid out

Booking Loads: Even More



CT Loadboard Overview (1 min 45 sec)

Learn more ways to use the CT load board and how CT Estimates can help

Book with CT Support (1 min 26 sec)

Learn how CloudTrucks support can help you book a standard load

Book a DAT Load Offline (1 min 37 sec)

Learn how to book a DAT load using the CT app

Fuel & Fuel Reports



Submitting Fuel Receipts (1 min 50 sec)

Learn how to submit your fuel receipts and receive a fuel purchase report

Getting Paid



Getting Paid (1 min 48 sec)

Learn how to complete a delivery and receive payment in the CT app

Instant Bank Transfers (1 min 50 sec)

Learn how to make an instant bank transfer in the CT app

Requesting a Cash Advance in-app

(1 min 43 sec)

Learn how to request a cash advance from the CT app




Checking Your Team's Repayment Policies in-app (2 min 54 sec)

Learn how to find all the details for your team's repayment policies in the CT app

'Pay Now' Flexible Repayments Using CT Cash Balance (45 sec)

Learn how to pay the remaining balance or a custom amount of your CT policy

How to View Expected Statement Deductions (2 min 28 sec)

Learn how to view upcoming statement deductions in your CT BI dashboard

CT App Features



Digital Permit Book (2 min 51 sec)

Learn how to keep all of your documents organized in the CT app

Schedule Optimizer (3 min 56 sec)

Learn how to use the CT Schedule Optimizer to maximize your revenue

Adding a Referral in-app (40 sec)

Learn where to find your referral code and how to share it

Adding a Fleet Member (2 min 16 sec)

Learn how to add another driver or admin to your fleet in the CT app

Market Insights Heatmap (2 min 57 sec)

Learn how to find the best markets to enter and exit in the CT app

Monthly Business Statements (2 min)

Learn how to access your proof of income & employment from the CT app

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