Depending on the load source, loads will have information on the time it was posted.

  • Information on time posted is available for loads from DAT, 123Loadboard, and Truckstop, with more coming soon. Some sources (e.g. CH Robinson, TQL, Coyote) don’t provide the time posted for loads. They are considered a fresh load with the time posted unknown, so they will be displayed in your search result regardless of your filter settings.

  • You can filter for loads by time, either “Newer than X min/hr” or “Older than X min/hr”.

  • You can also sort the search result by time posted, newer to older load or older to newer load.

These insights are important for you to make the best decisions for your business.

  • When you select a newer load, you have a higher change of securing the load.

  • When you select an older load, you may be able to have more negotiation power, but it may also be a stale load that is simply no longer available.

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