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Viewing open policies on the Payment Progress Overview Page

Viewing expected and past payments on the BI Dashboard Metrics & Expenses Page

How can I view my team’s active statement deductions?

From the home page of the app, select “Payments Progress & Escrow.” This will take you to an overview page where you can view all policies that are currently being deducted from your statement, along with completed policies.

How can I tell how much I have paid on a policy and how much is still owed?

On the progress overview page, you can view how much is owed and the total amount remaining. If “Remaining” is greater than $0, then some portion of your next statement will be deducted to make progress towards the payment.

  1. From your BI Dashboard Home Page, select “Payment Progress & Escrow”

  2. To see details on a specific policy, tap on that policy

How do I know when the next charge period starts?

To get additional details on a specific policy, tap the policy on the “Payments Progress & Escrow” page.

On the detailed page, there will be a section titled “Weekly / Monthly Payment”

The time period listed in that section is the period that is currently collecting from your statements.

The next charge period will start the day after the time period ends.

What happens if I see “Underpayment” under the policy details?

This means that the policy was not fully paid off in a previous week or month. Thus, the remaining balance was carried over into the current week or month.

How can I see what was taken off my past loads for a specific policy?

To get additional details on a specific policy, tap the policy on the “Payments Progress & Escrow” page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a “Payment History” section. If you tap on any entry in payment history, it will take you to a detailed statement view for that job.

What are the different policies that I could be charged for?

To understand a full list of policies, please read our article on understanding your statement.

I see that I’m being charged for a policy, and I don’t understand why.

If you have questions about any of the policies under your team’s account, please reach out to our Operations team at 415-480-2330 or 415-480-2336.

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