What Should Virtual Carrier Customers Expect In Their First Few Months at CloudTrucks?

Repayment Costs

When a load is completed, the system looks up how much your team owes for charges such as plates, trailers, or lease-to-own programs. To ensure that payments are deducted evenly across all loads, the system takes up to 35% of each load and applies the amount to outstanding payments in addition to CloudTrucks’ 18% insurance/service fee.

Fixed recurring charges for Virtual Carrier (VC) customers with an outstanding balance:

Deduction Amount

CloudTrucks Service Fee (Service and Lease)

18% of each completed load

Any Outstanding Balance:

  • ELD - $30.00/month

  • Trailer Rental - $1,200.00/month

  • Apportioned Plates - $1,800-$2,200/annually (on average)

  • IFTA Taxes - varies on driver location/amount of fuel purchased

  • Downpayment cash advance if purchasing a new truck - $5,000

    (paid back at an agreed-upon rate with your CT Rep)

Does not include other variable costs:

  • Truck Payment (lease and finance)

  • Escrow Security Deposit - $1,000.00/truck (delayed 21-day collection)

  • Tolls

  • Any repairs/maintenance

  • Fuel

Up to 35% of each completed load

Total Deduction:

18-50% of each load

Please note: the balances above do NOT include any additional variable costs related to insurance underpayments or interest rates that would otherwise be included upon agreed terms/conditions and are subject to change.

Example scenario:

John is a Virtual Carrier customer. He has an outstanding balance of $4,500 with CloudTrucks. Therefore, he should expect 35% of the total load value to come out of each of his loads until he’s paid CloudTrucks back in full. Whether he chooses to run a $2,000 load or a $8,000 load - 35% of each load will be automatically returned to CloudTrucks until his balance is zero. This does not include the 18% insurance/service fees.

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