How does the automated repayment system work?

CloudTrucks automated payment system calculates outstanding payments and adds them to statements for completed loads.

When a load is completed, the system looks up how much your team owes for charges such as plates, trailers, or lease-to-own programs. To ensure that payments are deducted evenly across all loads, the system takes up to ⅓ of each load and applies the amount to outstanding payments.

While your statement numbers might look different, the total amount charged by CloudTrucks is the same as before.

For example, if you owe $300 per week in trailer charges, you might see $100 being taken off one load, and $150 taken off the next load. The next week, you might see $50 taken off one load, and $200 off the next load. Larger loads are likely to have more taken off.

Why do I see 2 line items for the same payment type?

If your team has multiple of the same payment type, you will see separate line items for each charge (e.g., 2 trailer charges). Additionally, if you are currently behind on a charge, the late payment may have been added as a separate line item.

Does this affect the CloudTrucks service and insurance fee?

No, you will still be paying the same rate for service and insurance that is outlined in your CloudTrucks Lease Agreement.

Why do I see an ELD charge?

Paying for a monthly ELD charge is part of the CloudTrucks Lease Agreement. We will now be collecting the monthly subscription fee of $30.

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