At CloudTrucks, we want to keep things simple and transparent. To help understand any potential fees you may come across, we’ve put together this list describing what the fees are, and why and when they’re charged. We start charging from your first load, and on subsequent loads until the remaining balance for your specific charges reaches zero.

CloudTrucks Fees

We charge a total of 18%. This covers a 13% Leasing fee and a 5% Insurance fee. Our insurance fee covers auto liability and cargo insurance.

Insurance Underpayment

Each driver pays the greater of $150/week or 5% of their gross revenue towards insurance. If a driver’s total revenue for the month (from midnight on the 1st of a month to midnight on the first of the next month) is less than $12,000, then the driver will be charged the difference of $600 and 5% of that month’s revenue. A load’s GMV will count towards a load once it has been completed in the app (does not need to be paid out by CloudTrucks to count towards $12,000). In cases of underpayment, an amount of your load will be taken out until the total underpayment fee is paid.


$300/week (Dry Van)



North American

Cash Advance

2% of total cash advance amount

Drivers are able to request a cash advance for up to 50% of the load they are hauling. CloudTrucks charges a 2% fee of the total advance amount for this service.


$1900-$2400 depending on year/make/model of your truck.

Plates Renewals

If you get your plates through CloudTrucks’ partner, Diesel Plates & Permits, an amount of your load will be taken out until the original invoiced amount is paid back in full back to CloudTrucks. Currently, CloudTrucks’ annual IRP account renewal date is 7/31.

CloudTrucks partners with Diesel Plates & Permits to renew your plates. We will front the renewal payment which can vary between $1,800 - $2,300. We recuperate the cost back from you by charging a fee when you run a load. We do not charge anything on top of the renewal payment and will only recoup the actual advanced payment.





All drivers are required to have an ELD. $30/month per truck


If you incur a toll or other violation (ie parking), you will be billed back the set amount.

Other Charges

Ryder COOP Rental Cash Advance

If you rent a truck through our partner, Ryder COOP, an amount of your loads will be taken out to pay Ryder COOP based on your terms with Ryder COOP and CloudTrucks.


$/week - amount varies per driver

Fleetrock (Crossroads)

$250 /week

If you lease a truck through Crossroads, an amount will be deducted every week based on your agreement with Crossroads.

If you have a truck through our partner, Crossroads, in addition to paying the weekly amount (see above), you will also pay a $250 maintenance fee every week

IFTA taxes

An amount of your loads will be taken out to pay required IFTA taxes (this is separate from the 10% service fee and 5% insurance fee), which CloudTrucks files on your behalf every quarter.

Disclaimer: These fees are subject to change and they do NOT include any fees related to upfront down payment cash advances. Additionally, drivers have the option to pay all of their fees in bulk under one settlement if desired. For example, if you owe $145 for a month of occupational accident insurance, we will normally charge $36.25 per load until you reach $145 (4 loads). However, if you wanted to pay $145 for the entire month in one load, just let us know and you won’t be charged until the following month. Please contact Operations with these requests at 415-480-2330 or 415-480-2336.

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