Virtual CT Cash cards are digital cards linked to your existing CT Cash account that offer new features for improved security and convenience. You can find your virtual card in the CT Cash section of the app.

Here are some of the benefits of your CT Cash virtual card:

Secure access to your CT Cash account. For the sake of security, virtual cards are not identical to your physical card. They have unique card numbers, expiration dates, and CVCs. So, if you lose or have to deactivate your physical card, you can continue making purchases with your virtual card while you wait for a replacement.

Streamlined online shopping. Instead of inputting all your card details manually while checking out online, you can now copy your virtual card info right from the app with just a few clicks.

Wallet compatibility. Virtual CT Cash cards are compatible with Google Pay or Apple Wallet. Wallets offer multilayered authentication and encryption to ensure your information is stored and used safely and securely while shopping. You can use your CT Cash card for contactless payment via your wallet.

Contactless payments. Next time you check out, check to see if the payment terminal is equipped for contactless payments (look for your wallet logo or the contactless payment symbol which looks like a sideways wifi symbol). If it's equipped, you can use your CT Cash card via your mobile wallet to tap the terminal and pay.

Please note: For added security, we require authentication before you can log into the CT Cash section of the app. In order to access your virtual CT Cash card, you’ll need to unlock your phone like you normally would using whichever security setting you've set up with your phone, like Face ID, passwords, or PIN numbers, for example.

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