CloudTrucks Plates Program

CloudTrucks can help you get plates for your Truck through our partnership with Diesel Plates & Permits (DPP). Utilizing our partnership, Drivers can remove the hassle of coordination and get plates much faster!

Drivers will work with our Onboarding & Customer Success team to get plates. The entire process takes about 3-5 days, from requesting plates to receiving them. We will email you the cab card & charge you 10% per load until the plates are paid off in full.

To request plates:

To request plates, you will need to add a Truck in your app. When asked "Do you want CloudTrucks' help getting plates through our Plates program?," select "Yes." Then, we need you to provide the information below in order for us to submit your plates request.

Please input this information into our Plate Request form.

All of the information required to get plates is below, but please input this information directly in your app.

  • Year

  • Make

  • Model

  • VIN

  • Purchase Price

  • Purchase Date (or Leasing Date)

  • Odometer Reading

  • Picture of Odometer Reading

  • Copy of title (or picture of VIN# on the truck)

  • Picture of the EPA Lable

  • Copy of Form 2290, if you purchased your truck more than 60 days ago

In 24-48 hours, you will sent the following items:

  • California apportioned plate with 80,000 pound limit stickers

    • California apportioned plates are to be installed in front of the tractor

    • 80,000 pound limit stickers are to be installed on the sides of the truck doors next to IFTA stickers

  • Permit Book - Diesel provides a binder with your cab card to get you started!

More About Diesel Plates & Permits

Whether you are looking for license plates, decals, or registration, rest assured our partners specialize in getting truckers in compliance through a wide range of solutions. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Local Services

  • Interstate

  • IRP Services

    • To learn about more services, click here

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