Driver Qualification Requirements

In order to be eligible to drive for CloudTrucks, our Safety team will verify your application. The following criteria needs to be met:


  • 2 years of "verifiable" driver experience and a 7-year employment record on application

  • Recent experience = 18 months verified Class 8 Tractor/Trailer driving past 3 years w/ min. of 6 Mo. in the past 1 year.


  • 5 Year - No DUI/DWI charge and never in CMV

  • 5 Year- No reckless/unsafe driving and never in CMV

  • 5 Year - No Cell Phone use violation in CMV

  • 2 Year - No more than 2 Driver OOS for DOT inspections on PSP

  • All accidents require Safety review confirmation

  • 2 accidents or more - Must be Non-preventable and reviewed by safety

  • 2 CMV mvg. violations past 3 years is ineligible (review of severity by safety)

  • No more than 4 points assessed against License (4 point drivers reviewed by safety)

  • Personal vehicle moving violations reviewed by safety

  • No drug convictions of any kind in the past 5 years or No DOT failed drug tests ever

  • No Preventable DOT reportable accidents past 5 years

Drivers automatically are disqualified if they:

  1. Has Failed the Drug Test OR

  2. Don't have a valid CDL A

Employment Verification Documentation

The following documents are required to verify employment:

  1. 1099 / W2 Forms (6 months worth in 1 year / 18 months worth in 3 years)

  2. Downloaded copies of ELD logs (6 months in last 1 year / 18 months in last 3 years)

  3. Paystubs / Settlement statements (6 months worth in 1 year / 18 months worth in 3 years)

  4. 2 IFTA or 2 Weight Distance Filings in the last 1 year / 6 IFTA or 6 Weight Distance Filings in last 3 years

  5. If an owner-operator, gather their MC/DOT number for Safety to pull a Safer report

Documents Needed

The following documents are needed from each driver in order to schedule their first load:

  • Truck Registration

  • Trailer Registration - if they have a trailer

  • Truck DOT Inspection - see requirements here

  • Trailer DOT Inspection - if they have a trailer; see requirements here

  • Medical Certificate

  • CDL A - current & past that show 3 year history

  • Occ Acc Certificate of Insurance - or enrollment in the Great America policy

  • Non-Trucking Liability Certificate of Insurance

  • Passenger Authorization - if they have a passenger

  • Employer Verification - if not verified through checkr; see requirements here

Equipment Verification

Truck Verification - As of 2022, we will only accept tractors from 2013 or newer

A DOT Inspection can be done at a Love's, scale, or any place that offers DOT Level 1 Inspections. Drivers can just ask for a "Full DOT Inspection for Carrier"

Trailer Verification

There is no age limit for a trailer coming onto CT. We need to verify their Annual DOT Inspection if they are bringing on their own trailer. They should have stickers on their trailer from having a Clean Inspection.

Flatbed Requirements


Given our insurance, we only haul basic items in flatbeds. This means we cannot do coils, oversize or special loads. We can basically do construction material that fits nicely in the parameters of the trailer

Trailer Details

We receive flatbed trailers from Xtra - they are $1300/month. They are straight frame 48'

  • For iPhone users, the CloudTrucks app is available in the iOS App Store.

  • For Android users, the CloudTrucks app is available on Google Play.

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