Finding, booking, and servicing loads isn’t limited to the CloudTrucks App.

How do I get loads?

The CloudTrucks mobile app surfaces loads from a number of different brokers and loadboards. Some can be booked instantly through the app, while others require a bid to be submitted either directly through the app or with the assistance of CloudTrucks' dispatch team. You'll never need to call a broker if you don’t want to.

The CloudTrucks App is currently available in the Google Play store for Android users and in the App Store for iPhone users.

How do I get in touch with CloudTrucks?

Our Operations team is available via phone and text at (415) 480-2336. The phone is the quickest way to get in touch with us. We can also respond to emails at

What hours is the Operations Team available? Is there weekend and after-hours support?

Our team is online and ready to help you book and service loads 24/7. For urgent issues, please call (415) 480-2336, and we will call you back ASAP.

Can CloudTrucks help me find loads?

The CloudTrucks dispatch team is on call to help you create a revenue maximizing driving program, optimizing for where and how you want to drive. We will never force dispatch you; you choose the loads that are best for you. Also, you can use our Schedule Optimizer to find revenue-maximizing loads with just a few clicks in the app.

I am interested in a Standard Book load, but only at a certain price. How can I submit a bid?

To have CloudTrucks negotiate a load, book the Standard Book load within the app, then send a text to our Operations Team at (415) 480-2336 with the load and price information.

Can I negotiate Instant Book loads?

Certain brokers (such as Uber Freight) do not allow for bidding or negotiation. Others do allow for bids to be submitted on Instant Book loads. Contact the Operations

Team for assistance.

How do I cancel a load?

All drivers can now abort or cancel their jobs using our CT mobile app allowing our Ops team to process cancellations faster & more efficiently than before. This should also free up jobs faster for other drivers to book!

To cancel a load, follow these steps:

Navigate to the CloudTrucks app > Job > Request Cancelation > Select Reason for Cancellation

What kinds of loads are offered by CloudTrucks?

CloudTrucks currently supports general freight — Dry Van, Flatbed, and Power Only (drop and hook) loads.

I found a load on a loadboard that CloudTrucks isn't integrated with. Can I take it?

Yes, drivers have the ability to move freight for brokerages that are not currently integrated with the CloudTrucks mobile app. Please note that CloudTrucks needs to approve the broker and still collects an 9% fee on those loads.

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