In the event of a collision, complete the following actions:

First and foremost:

  • Make sure you are in a safe place and out of harm’s way.

  • Call 911 if anyone requires medical help.

  • Notify the police in the event any other party is involved.

  • Protect the vehicle from further damage and set out warning devices.

Immediately call our Operations team at 415-480-2226 to report the collision. It is imperative to immediately report all fatalities, injuries and major property damage.

At the scene:

  • Secure contact information of any other parties involved.

  • Secure names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses at the scene.

  • If practicable, take pictures of the accident scene, position of vehicles, and physical damage to vehicles or property.

  • Refrain from discussing the incident with the media. The accident should only be discussed with the proper authorities.

  • In the event of a fuel or a hazardous material spill, call XL Environmental Services at 800-432-2481.

Comply with any legally required drug and alcohol testing in accordance with FMCSR 382.303 Post Accident Testing.

  • Alcohol testing is required within 2 hours following the accident.

  • Drug testing is required within 32 hours following the accident.

Please contact the CouldTrucks Operations team at 415-480-2226 to locate the nearest drug and alcohol testing vendor in our network.

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