The Schedule Optimizer takes the guess-work out of selecting loads. It combs through thousands of loads in our network and creates a revenue- maximizing combination of loads that respects your location preferences.

Optimizer is also integrated with ELD data and factors in Hours of Service compliance.

To run Schedule Optimizer, you will need to input your schedule preference, date range, and start and end locations. Our system is integrated with ELD to monitor your HoS, so please make sure your ELD device is properly set up.

There may be issues with your current load schedule that will prevent Schedule Optimizer from running, including:

You have an overlap between load appointment times.

You are nearing an HoS violation.

You have an unconfirmed delivery appointment on a load awaiting confirmation.

We are actively working to fix these issues and appreciate your patience.

Schedule Optimizer may take a few minutes to calculate. Once a schedule is created, you can find it under View Generated Schedules. Each individual load can be viewed and booked, or you can request to book all the loads at once.

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