We've recently seen an increase in random DOT inspections and are requesting your assistance in being diligent to ensure that you are compliant in all areas of DOT regulations at all times.

We highly recommend that if you're planning to haul freight in one of the top 10 high OOS enforcement states such as MD, CT, NM, NV, RI, CT, CA, IA, SD, MT, that you pay additional attention and check all of the following items each time you're operating in one of these states.

  • Invalid or restricted license

  • Medical Card

  • Speeding

  • Outstanding/unpaid tickets or fines

  • 8 day blank logs (if ELD malfunction is found)

  • Logs violations (over hours/pre-trip inspection)

  • No instruction manual for ELD

  • Missing IFTA

  • Trailer or truck registration

  • Annual inspections

  • No correction of previous inspection (hefty fines to accompany)

  • Fire extinguisher, proper safety flares triangles

  • Brakes out of adjustment or worn below standard

  • DOT officer uses a lot of discretion on tires (flat spots, flat tire, worn, sidewall damage)

  • Audible air leak or failed pump down

  • Any inoperable "operating" lights

  • Bridge laws/overlength

  • Overweight

  • Unauthorized passenger

  • Improper use of personal conveyance

  • ELD instruction sheet

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